My Story

I first heard about Scentsy in 2009 from a friend from church.  I had been in the Air Force for 8 years and just relocated to a new assignment.  My friend had some Scentsy products for some of our church members and after service, she was passing them out.  I asked her what it was and that's when I was introduced to Scentsy!

It was impressive to say the least!  I hosted my first party a few months later and followed up with a basket party.  Although I didn't know many people at the time at my new assignment, the customers were as excited as I was to learn that there was a safe, wickless, attractive candle out there.  The scents were amazing and it always drew a crowd. 

I knew I wouldn't be re-enlisting in the Air Force when my time came so I asked my Consultant what I needed to do to become part of the Scentsy family.  She handed me a DVD and asked that I watch it and get back with her.  I talked to my husband (who was also in the Air Force) about becoming a Consultant and he was on board!  In February 2010, I became a Consultant.  In April of 2010, I seperated from the Air Force and focused on my new Scentsy Business full-time. 

My team has been wonderful with sharing information and meeting at least monthly to encourage and support one another with business and personal matters. 

I'm so thankful that as I homeschool my children, I'm able to work my Scentsy career and contribute to our monthly income.  

I love giving the gift of Scentsy to friends and family for the first time just to watch as they glow and share in the same excitement I experience everyday with Scentsy.  I thank God for the many blessings in my life and I'm grateful that I can add this to the list! 

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